…and the winner is…

The nine best logos of the Onor, Velivhr and Ukmar schools have been selected and an international committee made up of design and marketing experts selected the best logo which will be elaborated and will become the official logo of our project.

Logo 1
Leona Andačić, Elizaveta Bulavina, Lucija Poduje

Logo 2
Bastian Bedene, Nik Zlatič
Ukmar School

Logo 3
classe 3F
Beatrice Deppieri, Edoardo Ferrari, Marika Finotto, Vittoria Torresan
Onor School

Logo 4
Gabriel Badurina, Saša Brkić
VELIVHR school – Pula

Logo 5
Andrej Škoda, Nejc Valenčič
Ukmar School

Logo 6
classi 3F/2C
Filippo Cola, Elia Lancerotti, Matteo Vallese, Edoardo Poppi
Onor School

Logo 7
Lara Ferjančić, Paola Šuškić
VELIVHR school – Pula – BEST LOGO

Logo 8
classe 3C
Laila Battistella, Edoardo De Piccoli, Mattia Lanzarini, Aurora Scantamburlo
Onor School

Logo 9
Debora Korlevič, Lina Šoper Rijavec
Ukmar School

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