In San Donà two days to celebrate the journey of the project with schools, local authorities and civil society together to foster citizenship skills and European values.
How can the 21st century school enhance citizenship skills for the benefit of new generations? How and where to find new ideas, methodologies and synergies with the city as an educational space and the actors of civil society? What are the paradigms of learning in an increasingly complex world?
At the end of over two years of joint work between schools, civil society organizations and municipalities, the City of San Donà tells and shows the experience of the D’Basket project, as good practice in this regard.
The two-day event is open to all, and is organized within the framework of the Arcobaleno days during the Active Citizenship Day.
The event unfolds with different activities. The afternoon of May 10th will be dedicated to a conference when international experts and educators will share experiences and knowledge on the topic. The morning of May 11th will be dedicated to “good life”: healthy and sustainable lifestyles, a theme tackled in 8 experiential workshops for children in different place over the city center where the media, technology, entrepreneurship, food and knowledge will be the core themes of non-formal learning.

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