It all started with a salad…

An activity that put to the test the participants knowledge of the world, of their negotiation and strategic skills… 4 teams to play a game which was in fact more than a game!

After the kick-off meeting, a diverse group of 20 among school teachers and youth educators met again in San Donà for 5 days of joint training. Most of all, the work was to start knowing and appreciating the potential of non-formal education in school for the development of critical skills such as creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, civic and cultural awareness and critical thinking.

Three more days have been dedicated to the three main competences that the project addresses, namely intercultural, entrepreneurial and media literacy skills. We focused on non-formal education activities, discussions and challenges that foster such skills not only in pupils but also adults.

On the fifth day we planned how to use the new learning and how to embed it in curricular or school activities. We returned home on Saturday May 6th with a lot of good ideas…. Creativity, salads, professionalism and enthusiasm were the key ingredients of the first week of joint training


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