Transnational project meeting of the D’Basket project held in Pula

On 4th and 5th December the 5th Transnational project meeting of the D’Basket project was held in Pula. It started with a press conference where project results were presented to the public: during the past 1,5year partners exchanged their knowledge and experience, and through 2 Joint staff trainings developed a set of tools useful to provide an initial assessment, examine the impact on target groups (students and school staff) and give meaningful inputs for the future use of the project’s results, including mainstreaming into regular educational offer in the schools and involved communities.



After testing this set of tools in 3 schools in 3 partner’s countries, a Toolkit was produced that can be found on the D’Basket website, in part “Resources”.


During the partners meeting future activities were discussed and agreed. The toolkit is to be presented to other schools, teachers and educators in order to be implemented in teacher’s everyday work,as well as other stakeholders. This will be done through the local Multiplier event that will take place u January in Pula, while other partners will be organizing their local events in Kopar and San Dona di Piave. The final event will be held in May in San Dona di Piave where all project results of the project will be presented considering the similarities and the differences in educational system of 3 countries.



Project D’Basket is a strategic partnership of10 partners from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, with the aim to develop basic and transversal skills of students that will be critical for their future: we focus on improving teachers and schools’ competences, as well as leveraging the innovative education activities of other stakeholders such as businesses and NGOs into the formal education, insisting on early development of such skills in primary and lower secondary school. The project funded through the Erasmus + program.

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